Auto Posting

Collect point of service payments and automatically post payment to patient record.

Card on File

Securely store payment information so you can run the card as soon as EOB is received.

Automated Pay Plans

Create any items you like and let the system run the transactions without lifting a finger.

Patient Portal

Allow patients to make a payment around the clock when logged in to the portal


Q. What are the card processing rates?

A. Clients often find that the monthly fees are better than what they previously had. If for some reason a client has better rates Easy Pay will match if feasible. Contact Easy Pay for a no obligation quote.

Q. Is there a fee for the software?

A. There are no fees for the software. Easy Pay will be your new merchant and you will pay fees similar to your current merchant.

Q. How long is the contract?

A. There is no contract term or cancelation fees. Client satisfaction and retention is well above industry average so there is no need to lock people in


How to Get Started?

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