mds:statement lets you print and mail your statement at the click of a button, saving you the tedious task of manually, printing, folding and mailing statements. Or go even further and use our statement automation to have your statements generated and sent automatically.

Auto Print & Mail

No more worrying about printing and mailing statements. mds:statement completely automates the entire process.

No Lag in Billing

Professionally printed statements are automatically mailed via USPS First-Class the next business day.

Reduce Cost

Get rid of the unnecessary overhead spent on paper, stamps, and postal materials. Plus, eliminate the extensive labor and tedious post office visits.

Increase Cash Flow

Payment coupons and return envelopes make it easy to pay bills and increase your payment cash flow


Q. When are my statements mailed and what service provider do you use to mail?

A. Statements are mailed automatically the next business day via USPS First-Class mail based upon the patient statement schedule you have selected

Q. What if a patient’s address changes?

A. With USPS’ National Change of Address (“NCOA”) service, your mail will be automatically reprinted with the new address for uninterrupted statement delivery. You will get an Address Change Report to update your billing records.

Q. Is there a setup fee and what is the cost of this service?

A. There is no set up fee and there is no monthly fee. You are billed according to the statements that are sent every month. The cost is a fraction of what it costs to manually print, fold and mail statements. mds:statement typically reduces costs by 1/3 or more, plus significant time savings.

Q. How long is the contract?

A. There is no contract term or cancelation fees. Our client satisfaction and retention is well above industry average so we feel there is no need to bind our customers in unfair contracts.

Q. How do I sign up?

A. Click here to see our sign-up process page

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