Posted by MDS Blogger 22 Aug 2016

How to Manage The Patient No-Shows Challenge

Is your practice facing a challenge of managing patient no-shows? You are not alone. Nationally, most medical practices without a proper appointment reminder process average 18-20 percent no shows. And a recent MGMA study found that well run practices have a daily average of 12 percent no-shows and last-minute cancellations. And this can be an enormous drain on any medical practice since they amount to not only lost income but also wasted resources. Patient no-shows can have the following effect:

  • Lost income from missed appointments
  • Stress for the office staff to follow up with the patients
  • Disruption of the daily workflow for the staff
  • Missed care for the patient, meaning worsening condition and potential extra treatment

blogpost_pictureIt also becomes important for medical offices to understand why the no-shows are happening and steps you can take in advance to reduce the problem. We at MD Synergy have created a checklist that can help you with this.

If you need any help with implementing a no-show reduction strategy please feel free to contact us. Our solution mds:connect, along with our Practice Management system, has helped offices reduce the problem. References are also available upon request. For more information you can also visit