Posted by MDS Blogger 15 Aug 2016

Stop Chasing Patients for Payment

MD Synergy Introduces mds:pay, an Integrated Patient Payment Solution, For Efficient and Flexible Patient Billing

According to a report published by McKinsey & Co. titled “Overhauling the US Health Care Payment System”, up to 35% of the average medical practice’s total revenue comes from patient payments. This means that thousands of dollars can be saved every year if medical offices process these payments in the most efficient manner. This can be the difference between a profitable and an unprofitable practice!

At MD Synergy we understand the constant pressure the medical staff is under to chase patients for collecting payments and then post these payments in the system. This is a time consuming, labor intensive, and inefficient process. Keeping all the challenges in mind, MD Synergy launches a fully integrated credit card processing solution – mds:pay – a robust payment solution that enables medical practices to efficiently process payments, offer greater payment flexibility to patients, and streamline workflows to improve patient billing.  

mds:pay is an easy-to-use payment processing service that is completely integrated into our practice management software. With a click of a button, practice users are able to charge patient credit cards using connected card readers and automatically have these payments posted into patient records. In addition, patients are able to store their credit card on file in the system for future payments which is intended to reduce time consuming follow up for staff.

mds:pay is also seamlessly integrated into our patient portal, extending the ability to the patients to make their own payments by securely logging in from the comfort of their homes. Patients can also store their credit card on file for future payments. As patients take the initiative to stay on top of their care, participate with providers, and help coordinate some of their care as well (See:, we believe the ability to make their own payments will greatly help unburden the medical office staff, who can then concentrate more on providing quality care.

To see mds:pay in action please watch the demo video below. Or to learn more about mds:pay please visit