Althea Kiosk – Patient Kiosk

Althea Kiosk – Patient Kiosk

The Althea Kiosk Patient Kiosk allows you to modernize your practice while also adding a boost of efficiency to your front desk. With an iPad at the front desk, patients can check-in, update demographic and clinical information, sign forms, pay their balance, and more.

Update Information

Save your and your staff’s time by allowing patients to enter and update their demographic and clinical information.

Pay Balance

Improve collections by optionally requiring patient balance to be paid in order to complete check-in.


Collect all necessary information, payments, forms, consents, and more with electronic check-in.

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You don’t have to take them, but if you do, we promise you’ll never look back.
Consider adding telemedicine, text message alerts, eFax, and more to your EHR.

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