Value Based Care

Value Based Care

Althea Smart EHR utilizes sophisticated risk models to analyze individual ICDs from current and past fiscal year claims in real-time, generating a comprehensive RAF-based revenue impact analysis dashboard instantly.

This dashboard effectively identifies prospective gaps and prioritizes high-revenue HCCs/ICDs with actionable insights, enabling physicians to confidently focus on them, cutting prospective review costs and reducing physician CDI efforts while optimizing revenue opportunities.


Searches the EHR for undocumented problems. The search renders potential risks and gaps in care, giving providers a detailed picture of a patient’s health needs.


Systematically organize problem lists into either clinical category or by the provider’s specialty.


Automatically analyze the existing problem and diagnosis lists to highlight those which should be addressed in the visit.


Problems will automatically be marked as ‘Lapsed’, ‘Duplicate’, or ‘Related’, allowing for a clean and up to date problem list.


Problem lists, eRx orders, and Lab orders are analyzed for any potential associations and presented to the provider for assistance with comprehensive charting.

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