Medical Billing

Medical Billing

With seamless communication between your EHR and Billing module, not only do you receive a claim the instant the note is closed, but you get full transparency of the ICD and CPT codes in the visit, can edit the codes as needed, and have immediate access to the associated progress note.

We also offer a superb RCM service, with local billing experts located in Southern California, allowing you to focus on caring for your patients while leaving the billing to the professionals.

Biller Transparency

Billers have instant access to the progress note, ICD codes, and CPT codes. Codes can be added, edited, and deleted as necessary.

RCM Service

Get the most out of each encounter with the assistance of our highly trained billing experts, and get back to caring for your patients.

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You don’t have to take them, but if you do, we promise you’ll never look back.
Consider adding telemedicine, text message alerts, eFax, and more to your EHR.

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