Michael Fitzmaurice, MD

Hand Surgery – Phoenix, AZ

“Very good experience so far. Training was good and it is very easy to use on an iPad and the dictation is incredibly efficient. Easy to use on the iPad and makes documentation very simple and efficient.”

Gizel Abraham, MD

Pediatrics – Glendale, CA

“Very easy to use, saves time for me and my staff.”

Ajay Narwani, MD

Pain Management – Phoenix, AZ

“For years I was using e-Clinical Works and was afraid to switch over because I thought the transition would be difficult. It was the best thing I’ve done for my practice/business in 20 years. Cutting edge technology. Super-efficient and intuitive, user-friendly. It quite literally took me hours to understand the system, rather than weeks. I haven’t taken a chart home since I started using this system two years ago. Highly highly recommend. Bonus, because of the speed and efficiency, I’ve actually cut down on a couple of staff.”

Upgrading to Althea SmartEHR: A Strategic Move for Specialty Practices

As medical practices evolve, so too must their supporting technologies. Doctors may find their current electronic health record (EHR) system no longer meets emerging needs as technology advances, regulations change, and patient expectations rise. Upgrading to a modern EHR solution designed specifically for specialty practices can position doctors for long-term success.

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Maintaining Continuity of Care Across Providers with EHR Access

A persistent challenge with telehealth care delivery is fragmented care when patients see unconnected providers across visits. For instance, a patient with heart failure may see their primary care doctor, cardiologist, and nephrologists across in-person and telehealth visits. Lack of communication between providers often leads to duplicative testing, risky polypharmacy, and clinical errors.

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Integrating EHRs with Telehealth: Enhancing Remote Clinical Care

The rapid shift to telehealth during the pandemic highlighted the pivotal role of EHR systems in virtual care delivery. Integrating telehealth platforms into EHR workflows can enhance clinical care, care coordination, patient monitoring, and documentation for providers. Here are key integration opportunities and benefits explored in-depth:

How To: Update the Menus

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Cesar A. Caldera, MD

Cosmetic Surgery, OB/GYN – Glendale, CA

“Using Althea has been a blessing to my practice. I recommend without hesitation.”

Marina Burstein, MD

Pediatrics – Calabasas, CA

“Althea exceeded my expectations. Even the vaccination module is set up right both for records and billing. Customer service is addressing most of our issues very promptly. Thank you!”