Michael Fitzmaurice, MD

Hand Surgery – Phoenix, AZ

“Very good experience so far. Training was good and it is very easy to use on an iPad and the dictation is incredibly efficient. Easy to use on the iPad and makes documentation very simple and efficient.”

Gizel Abraham, MD

Pediatrics – Glendale, CA

“Very easy to use, saves time for me and my staff.”

Ajay Narwani, MD

Pain Management – Phoenix, AZ

“For years I was using e-Clinical Works and was afraid to switch over because I thought the transition would be difficult. It was the best thing I’ve done for my practice/business in 20 years. Cutting edge technology. Super-efficient and intuitive, user-friendly. It quite literally took me hours to understand the system, rather than weeks. I haven’t taken a chart home since I started using this system two years ago. Highly highly recommend. Bonus, because of the speed and efficiency, I’ve actually cut down on a couple of staff.”

Cesar A. Caldera, MD

Cosmetic Surgery, OB/GYN – Glendale, CA

“Using Althea has been a blessing to my practice. I recommend without hesitation.”

Marina Burstein, MD

Pediatrics – Calabasas, CA

“Althea exceeded my expectations. Even the vaccination module is set up right both for records and billing. Customer service is addressing most of our issues very promptly. Thank you!”

Trung D. Bui, MD, FACS

Vascular & Endovascular Surgery – Thousand Oaks, CA

“Althea EMR is fast, user-friendly and highly mobile. The technical support staff is readily available. I am very glad that I switched to Althea. I strongly endorse this product.”

Samuel Burstein, MD

Internal Medicine – Calabasas, CA

“Very simple, reliable and easy to use. Special thanks to company CEO Mr. Randhir Tuli. I have reached support at 7 am on Sunday and my issues were promptly addressed and resolved.”

Lawrence R. Leiter, MD

Family Medicine – Canyon Country, CA

“I’ve been using the MD Synergy EMR since 2014. They provided me with excellent and conscientious service. The new tools have been outstanding. It has become, if not one of the best EMR programs, possibly the best. If anyone has questions regarding this program please give me a call.”

Ashok Raj, MD

Nephrology – Pasadena, CA

“I’ve had the pleasure of using Althea for several months now. Even for a physician from the dinosaur age I’ve had little trouble negotiating the EMR! I would recommend it without any reservations.”

Lim L. Taw, MD

Internal Medicine – Glendale, CA

“I’d like to share my experience on Althea Smart EHR. For someone who is not computer savvy at all – I find the software to be very easy to incorporate in my busy practice. It is a user friendly and reliable software. I can operate it anywhere with my IPad and smart phone. I am now feeling confident and eager to start work without fear. Support is always available and ready to help me out whenever I need help. I highly recommend anyone who is thinking of trying out Althea to give it a try. I am very satisfied and I want to thank Randhir for his wonderful support.”